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by Dr Abraham Daniel-Joel

x Ancient Secrets to Financial Wealth

In a series entitled 'The Millionaire Blueprints’, Dr Abraham Daniel-Joel has given the Church ground breaking, far reaching, poverty destroying, revolutionary financial truths from the Holy Bible and from Divine revelation. Through this series you will not only discover 'Christians Blueprints to Prosperity' but also 'Christian Blueprints on How to Prosper!'

The very last words of the Lord Jesus to us His Church is a commission to go forth under the empowerment that is in the New Covenant and change our own Jerusalem, all our Judea our Samaria, and even be a world changer. No generation before us has been so blessed with tools to accomplish such noble mandates. In this age of the internet and information technology explosion, the whole world has become a 'global village', and we also have new modes of transport that have drastically cut down travel time. making the commission feasible in our day: How 'the cloud of witnesses' who are watching our generation from the banister of heaven must envy the opportunities and tools that we have to conquer the world for Jesus, so that our Saviour may see the rewards of the travail of His soul. Here and there we are beginning to see some who are changing their family, neighbourhood, city and nation!

The great hindrance to our mandate to change our world is the poverty of His Church. Poverty mentality has dominated and clouded our vision to change our world far more than most people realise. Words of ancient prophets tell us that:

• The voices of poor people are never heard
• The rich always dominate the poor
• There are Secrets to financial wealth
• There is Covenant Wealth
• Ordinances of heaven dominate the so called natural laws and realities

‘Ancient Secrets to Financial Wealth' uncovers millionaire mentality versus poverty mentality, documenting secrets that have made and always make millionaires throughout the history of time ! This is a must read volume for all these who desire to enter God’s glorious agenda for their lives in this end-time!

Jesus is Lord of all! Blessed be the Lord, the most High God, the possessor of heaven and earth!

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